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6 Ways to Be a Good Dad-To-Be

Being a good father to your children begins the day you and your partner find out she is pregnant. The “heavy lifting” of the next nine months may fall to mom, but there are many things you can and should do to make the journey easier. Below are some easy ways to start fatherhood off on the right foot.

1. Study Up 
Parenting books, magazines, and websites are a great resource for information on how to prepare for fatherhood. There are a lot of great books out there just for dads! Parenting classes are also helpful for first-time expecting fathers. You can learn alongside your partner how to change diapers, bathe your baby, and assist with labor. For information on parenting classes at VCC, including those specifically for dads, call us today at (844) 308-5003!

2. Prepare Your Home 
There’s plenty to do at home to prepare for a new baby. Putting together a crib or changing table is a good way to help. If there’s painting to be done, that’s another chore that could fall to you. As your partner’s due date gets closer, you can help to make sure everything she will need at the hospital is packed and ready for when it’s time to leave.

3. Start Thinking Safety 
Another important part of preparing your home is “baby-proofing” it as best you can. Before you know it, your infant will be crawling, so you want to make sure that heavy furniture is secured, cabinets are locked, electrical outlets are covered, medications are safely stored, and that no loose cords are accessible. Just as important as preparing your home is preparing your car. Make sure you know how to properly install and use your baby’s car seat so that it’s ready for the drive home from the hospital.

4. Talk to Your Baby 
Spend time singing and talking to your baby before it is born. It may seem crazy, but make no mistake: your baby can hear you. The more it hears your voice, the more comfortable it will be with you after it is born. Plus, talking and singing to your baby is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond with your partner.

5. Be Supportive  
One of the best ways you can help your partner during her pregnancy is simply by being supportive. If you are worried or fearful about being a father, share your feelings. You may find you’re both on the same page, motherhood can be scary too. Take the time to listen to her and provide reassurance. Talk to her about her birthing plan and the best way for you to help her. Attend birthing classes with her so that you know what to expect and how best to handle it.

6. Have a Recovery Plan 
Just as important as preparing the trip to the hospital is preparing what to do after the baby is born. Make sure you and your partner have time to recover and enjoy your new baby. Take advantage of paternity leave from work whenever possible. It’s important to bond with your new baby and make sure that your partner is physically healthy and emotionally stable. Parents, friends, and family will all be eager to see your new baby, but remember that it’s okay to set boundaries. You want to be sure your new family is rested and ready before you receive guests.

It’s never too early to start being a good dad. There are plenty of ways to support your partner during her pregnancy and prepare your life for the arrival of a new baby. For all your questions about childbirth, parenting, and more, the friendly staff at VCC is here for you.

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