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A Guide to Your Baby’s Growth During Your Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered what’s happening in your womb during pregnancy? The growth of a fetus is a fascinating journey, one that includes numerous interesting milestones as the transformation from tiny fertilized egg to fully formed baby takes place. Here are some of the highlights that expecting mothers can look forward to over the course of about 40 weeks or three trimesters.

First Trimester (Weeks 1 -12)

4 Weeks: The first three months of a pregnancy include many exciting developments. During this initial period your baby’s brain and spinal cord begin to form, as does their heart. Arm and leg buds will also appear. It’s important that you see a prenatal healthcare specialist early in your baby’s development. To make an appointment, call us today at (844) 308-5003!

8 Weeks: At this point in your pregnancy, all of your baby’s major organs and external body structures have begun to form. What’s more, your baby’s heart is now beating with a regular rhythm. At the same time, their arms and legs are growing longer, and their fingers have begun to form.

12 Weeks: Now your baby is able to make a fist. Your baby’s eyelids will also close now to protect their developing eyes. They do not reopen again until week 28.

Second Trimester (Weeks 13-28)

16 Weeks: Your baby’s skin is forming now, but it is so delicate you can practically see through it. At about this time, your baby will also begin making sucking motions with his or her mouth. And as muscle tissue and bone development continues, a more complete skeleton is formed.

20 Weeks: Feel that slight fluttering? It’s coming from your baby who is now more active. What’s more, your baby can now hear and swallow, so don’t be afraid to talk to him or her more, or even play soft music for them. Your baby’s body, meanwhile, is now covered in a fine, downy hair called lanugo. In addition, a waxy coating called vernix is now present to protect the growing skin underneath it.

24 Weeks: There are many fascinating changes happening with your baby now. Taste buds are forming on his or her tongue and footprints and fingernails have developed as well. Real hair is also beginning to grow on your baby’s head. Your baby is now sleeping and waking regularly, and has developed startle reflexes.

Third Trimester (Weeks 29-40)

32 Weeks: Be prepared for this phase of your pregnancy, as this is the time when your baby’s kicks and jabs are forceful. His or her eyes can also open and close and sense changes in light. And while the lungs are not quite fully formed, your baby will begin practice “breathing” movements during this stage.

36 Weeks: Your baby is getting bigger and bigger, and has far less space to move around now. His or her movements will be become less forceful, but you will likely still feel stretches and wiggles.

37-40 Weeks: This is a time when your baby’s organs are able to function on their own. As baby’s due date gets closer and closer, most babies turn into a head-down position for their grand entrance to the world.

Pregnancy is an exciting time, and following the amazing weekly developments of your fetus is just one way to begin connecting with your baby. The prenatal team at VCC can provide more information about your pregnancy and all of the changes your body and your baby is experiencing.

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