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Holiday Homes Tour

We are excited to announce the 36th Holiday Homes Tour! Join us for the week of December 18-23 for a virtual tour of four homes specially decorated for the holidays. Click here to find out more and get your ticket to the holidays. Special thank you to our amazing team of professional designers. They continue to give their time and talents to create the elegant holiday displays that you see every year. They volunteer 100% of the time they devote to this special event and all that it brings to our community healthcare.

Below are the homes that were featured on the 2021 Holiday Homes Tour. Big thank you to the homeowners for allowing our tour into their homes:

holiday homes tour

Floor to Ceiling Ocean Views

This beautiful home was originally built in 1965, but the new owners took it to the next level with a remodel, after purchasing in 2015. While keeping the footprint of the home, the new look is the contemporary coastal design style that you see today, thanks to the help of David Taylor Development and crew. The home opens up to, and flows around, a unique open-air atrium that includes a four-level fountain faced in limestone and surrounded by gorgeous foliage. As you enter into the home you can see the limestone theme is continued on in the living and dining room. This Jerusalem limestone gives a connected feeling to the inside and outside of the home and helps create the warm and inviting ambience the homeowners aimed to create. The living area and master bedroom feature floor to ceiling windows that allow in lots of natural light and the beautiful ocean view that can put anyone at ease. The outdoor area is ready for entertaining nights, or for moments of relaxation and self-care with water features, trees, lounge areas, a gas fire pit, and more. For those coming from the beach, there’s an outdoor shower, and for those who’d rather not get sandy, a large pool and hot tub can fill the needs of a little dip. The home’s unique “cross wall” is an area that anyone would want to stop and look at. Filled with crosses from all over the world, some favorites to note are the handmade ones from dear friends of the owners, made out of oyster shells from Savannah, Georgia, sea glass from a California beach, and seashells from a little island in Costa Rica. The most treasured of the collections, is a large, very simple cross made from wood from one of the owner’s grandparents’ barn in Newsite, Alabama.

holiday homes tour

Yours, Mine, and Ours

This Leucadia gem is the product of big love. Barbara and Dennis both lost their spouses a few years ago. But when a close friend brought them together, they were able to form another union, and join both families in love, once again. The couple completely renovated the inside and outside of this home to make it truly theirs, and in the process made a place that allowed a beautiful open space for both of their large, and growing families. Barbara, a retired art teacher, can be found throughout the home, starting at the front entryway. The door features a large multitextured abstract piece of glass composition interpreted from one of her paintings, fabricated by Cast Glass Image. The living room is large and very open with separate spaces for a television/entertainment area and a sitting area. Barbara’s own paintings can be found throughout the living room as well, and many other decorative pieces are displayed on walls and shelves throughout. Everywhere you turn art can be found, including in the small half bath where a sort of mini gallery resides, adorned with pieces by Barbara, Claire Lise Anderegg, and collectibles from the Maasai Tribe of Kenya. The large open spaces encourage an environment where family and friends can gather in the warmth of feelings of love, culture, and art. Once you’re ready to step outside you’re met by a big space that is perfect for the combined families of all ages. French doors open to a waterfall wall, with a fire table seating area to your left and a outdoor dining area to your right. There’s space for ping pong, simple lounging, pickle ball volleys, zip lines, swings, teepees for the littlest of the bunch, garden boxes with herbs, vegetables, and fruit. Through another gate, you can event find the Jacuzzi spa and outdoor shower, nestled up to the master bedroom.

holiday homes tour

The Oak Tree

This home was custom built in 2014 and has been lived in since 2016. The flow of this home begins at the entryway where blue stone flows from outside to inside. When the land for the home was purchased, a large oak tree stood proudly on the property, and when a giant blue heron flew over, the current owner was sold on the vision. That same oak tree fell to disease and fires, and now lies across the creek near the home, creating a natural bridge. Now, memories of that oak are seen in the “oak tree” artwork near the entryway. The creek, now adorned by the tree, is natural and flows into the Escondido Creek and then out to the San Elijo Lagoon. There’s a fire ring, made of pipe connectors, and is fed by natural gas. This fixture, put in by the home’s designer, is definitely one of a kind. A large room in the home is divided by another unique feature made of repurposed tools, levels, and more. The outside space is the “happy place” for the lady of the house. A guest suite on the property is set up to be handicap friendly and served as a lovely place to take care of a family member. It boasts the best view of the outside pond. The sand volleyball court and pond right outside the doors is what she calls her heaven on earth.

holiday homes tour

Childhood Shapes

This Fallbrook home was completed in 1999, and is an ode to homeowner, Jerri’s, childhood home with its U-shape. After careful looking up and down California’s coast, the couple settled in Fallbrook for the lush space it offered. The focal point of the home is the walled-in patio providing for indoor-outdoor entertainment. The acre and a half garden was designed to attract birds and bees, and compliment the home’s French style architecture. The interior of the home is full of eclectic appeal with antiques from France and other artistic treasures collected on world-wide travels, book collections and works of art. During the holidays, branches hang over the front door adorned with hand-made ornaments from women in developing countries. The beautifully unique piece attracts passersby from all over, who stop and ring the bell for permission to take photos underneath it.

holiday homes tour

Ocean Breeze

This home, is one of those beautiful California homes you only find in Carlsbad. The inside of the home includes a hand-woven tapestry from Giza, Egypt, locally made sculptures, Bluetooth shower heads, and 13-foot folding glass doors, and tile that pours from outside to inside to create a seamless transition to the outdoor entertainment area. An updated chandelier can be found in the dining room area to add elegance and enhance the height of the room. The patio is perfect for cozy get-togethers or party entertainment, with its heaters, sound bars, 16-foot hot tub, electronic shades, outdoor kitchen, and peaceful ocean breezes. The home boasts some of the most convenient updates for today’s modern user with the high tech found throughout and instance access to things like music and fountains with the simple use of an app.


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