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Annual Wellness with VCC


Doctor working with a patient


February 3, 2022

When Was Your Last Physical?  

Annual Exams for your body and teeth are more important than you think. Here’s why you should get an exam with VCC today.

Getting a physical wellness exam every year is more important than you think. There are several reasons why you should keep up with these visits at least once a year, and VCC wants you to know what they are. Annual health visits are focused on your overall health, giving you and your clinician the opportunity to talk about any, and all, of your wellness concerns, and make plans on how to address them. During these visits, getting the opportunity to check basic measurements like weight and blood pressure will help your clinician identify potential health risks and either prevent issues or work on getting healthy control of them. These visits also give you a chance to update your vaccinations and review medications; medications that have expired, or need to be changed can be updated quickly and efficiently.


Did you also know that as an insured patient, you get at least one wellness visit, at no charge, with every calendar year? Children may even be eligible for more than one visit a year. This applies to both health and dental care.


Coming in now is a great opportunity to start your year off prioritizing you. Your clinicians at VCC want to make 2023 the start of a lifelong health journey with you. If you want to learn more about eligibility, how to make an appointment, or what to expect, please call or text us at 844.308.5003. VCC’s representatives can discuss all of your options with you.