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Answers to 8 Common Questions About Kids and Vaccines

Shots, vaccines, immunizations—call them what you will, they’re not fun but they’re important. Your kids are probably scared of needles and you may even have heard they’re dangerous. So, just how important are shots to your children’s health? The short answer is: very important. Here are 8 questions parents often ask about getting their kids their shots…

1. Does my child really need to get shots?

Yes. For one simple reason: shots can save your child’s life. Shots help protect kids from dangerous and deadly diseases like measles, whooping cough, chickenpox, and hepatitis A and B. If your child needs to get their shots, call Vista Community Clinic today to schedule an appointment: (844) 308-5003.

2. Do all kids need shots?

Yes. In very rare cases children are unable to receive shots do to a medical condition, but shots are most effective when all kids get them. Every child who isn’t vaccinated can spread dangerous germs to other children. It only takes a few unvaccinated kids to continue the spread of deadly diseases.

3. Does my child need to get all the recommended shots?

Yes. Each vaccine protects against a different disease. And most vaccines require more than one shot to fully work. To be fully protected, your child needs all the shots for all the vaccines. Missing a shot could leave them vulnerable to disease. Your doctor will give you a list of the shots your child needs to get. You’ll need to keep this list in a safe place, because certain schools and activities require proof that kids have all their shots.

4. When does my child need to get their shots?

Kids need to get certain shots at certain ages. Your doctor will follow a schedule of shots beginning at your child’s birth. If your child has missed any shots, call your doctor to ask about “catch-up” shots.

5. Are shots dangerous?

Each vaccine goes through years of tests to make sure it’s safe before doctors can give it to people. Each vaccine is also checked every year by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure it is safe. The chance that a shot could hurt your child is extremely small.

6. Do shots cause autism?

Research has shown that shots don’t cause autism. Some people have suggested that ingredients in vaccines might be a cause of autism. However, numerous scientists and researchers have studied these ingredients and they all reach the same conclusion: there is no link between vaccines and autism.

7. Are there any side effects from shots?

Side effects from shots are typically mild and short term. The most common side effect is pain or redness where the shot was given. Many children have no side effects at all. Serious side effects are very rare.

8. Are shots expensive?

No. Insurance plans are required by law to cover recommended shots for kids. If you don’t have health insurance, your child can still get shots at no cost. Call us at (844) 308-5003 for more information.

At Vista Community Clinic (VCC), we believe that healthy kids are happy kids, and healthy kids get their shots. Our warm and welcoming staff is here to answer any other questions you may have about your kids and vaccinations.

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