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Steven Gil, Chief Information Officer

Steven Gil

Chief Information Officer


Steven Gil is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at VCC, joining the organization in 2008. Committed to advancing VCC’s mission, Steven strategically employs technology to deliver accessible, high-quality healthcare services to underserved communities. His initiatives include implementing telehealth solutions for virtual consultations, deploying electronic health records (EHRs) enhancements to streamline patient record management, and utilizing data analytics to address specific health challenges. Under Steven’s leadership, mobile clinics with networking equipment overcome geographical barriers, bringing healthcare services directly to underserved areas. Through integrating these technological solutions, Steven plays a pivotal role in bridging healthcare gaps, enhancing accessibility, and elevating overall healthcare quality for underserved populations at VCC.

What does "Choose Health" mean to you?
“That everyone is given the knowledge and opportunity to choose a healthy lifestyle and high quality health care.”

  • Tactical Network Specialist Course, Marine Corps Communications Electronics School
  • Associate Degree in Information Technology, University of Phoenix