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“As a waitress and housekeeper with two young boys, I use my hands every day. My work feeds my family. When I got hurt, I turned to Vista Community Clinic. I walked into the clinic with a giant cut and the staff comforted me. Even though I didn’t have health insurance, the doctors took care of me. It took seven stitches but I walked out of there and was back to work in no time.”


Before she came to Vista Community Clinic, Rebecca ate poorly and got very little exercise. With her provider’s guidance Rebecca has changed these habits. She lost weight and lowered her blood pressure significantly. She has gone from Stage 1 Hypertension to normal. She walks 25 minutes each way to her exercise class and loves every minute of it.


Logan is one of the happiest children you will ever meet. He loves to take his doctor’s tongue depressor and “examine” his mom’s throat. He has come through the first few years of life without any of the childhood diseases that used to affect so many – measles, mumps, tetanus, diphtheria and many more. Thanks to the Vista Community Clinic, Logan won’t ever have to worry about those diseases. He may not like getting shots but he loves not getting sick.


Alexa comes to Vista Community Clinic for well-child visits, immunizations and when she is sick. She is happy, healthy, and growing strong. Our clinics are located in areas designated by the federal government as having an extreme shortage of providers willing to provide care for the low-income and uninsured members of our community. When Alexa’s mom came to Vista Community Clinic she found the right pediatrician for her child.


June’s heart is a mile wide. Over the past few years, her heart has stretched to fit more than ten foster children. She especially loves to care for the newborns and often maintains a loving relationship with them once they’ve returned to their family of origin. When her precious babies are sick, June brings them to Vista Community Clinic for care.


Kylyn began coming to Vista Community Clinic when she was a baby. Her pediatrician recommended that she see the dentist beginning at 1 year of age. Lucky for her, the dentist was right upstairs. She started with dental exams and, as her teeth grew in, had them cleaned and a protective sealant applied. Cavities are the number one health concern for children nationwide. Kylyn’s good dental habits and regular check ups ensure she will grow up with a healthy smile.