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Phone Directory

For appointments and medically related questions for all of our clinic sites, call:
(844) 308-5003

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Medical emergencies


Clinic Services and Departments

To access the following services and departments, first dial the main phone number, and then dial the additional extensions afterward.

Main number

(760) 631-5000

Physicians or other pharmacies

press 9

If you know the extension

dial the extension



Services main menu

press 3

Locations and hours

press 3, then press 1

Refills or VCC prescription questions

press 3, then press 2

All other pharmacy questions

press 3, then press 9

Specialist referral questions

press 3, then press 3



Administration main menu

press 4

Human Resources

press 4, then press 1


press 4, then press 2


press 4, then press 3.


press 4, then press 4

News media inquiries only

ext. 1139

If you are not a member of the news media, please see above for the numbers of main offices.

Fax Numbers

VCC: Vale Terrace

(760) 414-3892

La Tortuga Administrative Office

(760) 414-3701

Human Resources

(760) 414-3702

After hours

Toll Free

(844) 308-5003


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