Many conditions can be addressed through chiropractic care, an alternative therapy focused on the nerves, muscles and bones. In addition to relieving chronic pain and treating injuries, regular chiropractic adjustments can help you achieve optimum health by improving flexibility of the spine, restoring balance and proper alignment, and improving communication of the nervous system. VCC is committed to guiding you to better overall health and improved quality of life. We offer chiropractic treatment for all ages, from children through seniors.

Chiropractic Services

Issues treated include:

  • Pain in your wrist, back, shoulders, neck, hip, ankle or knee
  • Arthritis
  • Issues during and after pregnancy
  • Post surgical pain

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Our board-certified or board-eligible medical doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners are committed to providing excellent and thorough care for our patients. Many of our doctors also speak languages other than English, to support our entire community.

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Anyone can be a patient of Vista Community Clinic - we provide access to excellent and affordable healthcare to every member of our community.

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